RECD60099 – White

RECD60122 – Shell

RECD60117 – Raw

RECD60327 – Natural

RECD60115 – Cream

RECD60779 – Beige Tweed

RECD60100 – Beige

RECD60139 – Tostado

RECD60143 – Hemp

RECD60104 – Chestnut

RECD60156 – Brown

RECD60554 – Yellow

RECD60158 – Ocre

RECD60106 – Flamingo

RECD60778 – Mandarin Tweed

RECD60567 – Orange

RECD60176 – Red

RECD60182 – Vermillon

RECD60777 – CherryTweed

RECD60177 – Burgundy

RECD60163 – Green

RECD60102 – Forest Green

RECD60193 – Light Blue

RECD60173 – Dark Blue

RECD60174 – Navy Blue

RECD60153 – Stone

RECD60161 – Grey

RECD60127 – Moonrock

RECD60774 – Smoke Tweed

RECD60151 – Slate

RECD60164 – Charcoal

RECD60150 – Dark Grey

RECD60103 – Black

RECD60812 – Inca

Liso Flamé

RECD60801 – Liso Flamé Urban

RECD60802 – Liso Flamé Dark Urban

RECD60803 – Liso Flamé Sea

RECD60804 – Liso Flamé Dark Sea

RECD60805 – Liso Flamé Life

RECD60806 – Liso Flamé Dark Life

RECD60807 – Liso Flamé Sand

RECD60808 – Liso Flamé Dark Sand


RECD60901 – Listado Urban

RECD60902 – Listado Sea

RECD60903 – Listado Life

RECD60904 – Listado Sand


RECD60501 – Lino Urban

RECD60502 – Lino Dark Urban

RECD60503 – Lino Sea

RECD60504 – Lino Dark Sea

RECD60505 – Lino Life

RECD60506 – Lino Dark life

RECD60507 – Lino Sand

RECD60508 – Lino Dark Sand


RECD60701 – Solido Urban

RECD60702 – Solido Dark Urban

RECD60703 – Solido Sea

RECD60704 – Solido Dark Sea

RECD60705 – Solido Life

RECD60706 – Solido Dark Life

RECD60707 – Solido Sand

RECD60708 – Solido Dark Sand


RECD60601 – Espiga Urban

RECD60602 – Espiga Dark Urban

RECD60603 – Espiga Sea

RECD60604 – Espiga Dark Sea

RECD60605 – Espiga Life

RECD60606 – Espiga Dark Life

RECD60607 – Espiga Sand

RECD60608 – Espiga Dark Sand


Decorline is a fabric made by Recasens for furniture and upholstery industry, with the same 100% solution dyed acrylic as our Ultrasol/Recacril awning line. So, it shares all of the advantages that allow it to endure years of outdoor use while maintaining it’s original appearance, but with a softer feel and texture that lends itself to these applications, as well as indoor use.

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