Ultrasol Striped (Recacril)

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Made in Europe, Ultrasol (Recacril®) fabrics are designed for manufacturing of awnings of all kinds, boat tops and all other types of solar protection. Made from solution-dyed acrylic fiber. The fabrics resist fading and mildew, and offer excellent dimensional stability.

Solution-dyed Yarns


The color pigments are added when the acrylic solution is in liquid form. The fiber is then extracted and used to make the thread for weaving the fabric. This method ensures total and uniform coloring. The result is brilliant colors and high resistance to fading and mildew.

Unlike conventional dyeing, which involves immersing the fabric in a solution that results in partial coverage. This process requires large quantities of water and leaves a lot of residue that pollutes the environment, unlike the solution-dyed process where the entire solution is used to manufacture the fiber, with no residue left in the environment.

Weather resistance


Through continuous research and development, RECASENS has extended the benefits of the Infinity process to all Recacril®, Recacril® Marine, Recsystem® and Recwater fabrics. This advanced treatment has been carefully developed to ensure long-lasting quality for all our fabric collections. The Infinity process coats the fabric fibers with particles, forming a durable protective shield. After treatment, the fabric’s exterior and interior are permanently protected against dirt build-up and weathering.

The Infinity process is characterized by low reactivity and high stability, giving awnings robust, long-lasting protection, especially against mildew, with excellent water and oil repellency.

Available options


Our Ultrasol fabrics in solid colors are available in 47″ widths, and some colors in 60″ widths. The black color is available in widths of 47”, 60”, 78” and 98”.

Our Ultrasol fabrics in striped colors are available in 47″ widths.

European excellence


Made in Europe by RECASENS, a company with 137 years’ experience in textile manufacturing. RECASENS is continually committed to the development and innovation of textile products. Ultrasol is a fabric of superior quality and durability, backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Ultrasol fabrics undergo strict quality control to meet UNE-EN 13561:2004+A1:2009 awning safety standards.

Available Colors 47″

REC47051 – Manhattan

REC47052 – Brooklyn

REC47054 – Queens

REC47060 – Bronx

REC47063 – Bayside

REC47085 – Claremont

REC47086 – Concorde

REC47089 – Glendale

REC47094 – Prati

REC47097 – Trastavere

REC47201 – Esmeralda

REC47202 – Brianna

REC47204 – Flor De Maria

REC47206 – Chocolate

REC47223 – Moreno

REC47247 – Manacor

REC47280 – Midwood

REC47282 – Pelham

REC47322 – Bonanova

REC47324 – Valls

REC47326 – Cercs

REC47327 – Mostoles

REC47328 – Sants

REC47341 – Tajo

REC47346 – Tambre

REC47348 – Ulla

REC47349 – Cabriel

REC47350 – Sella

REC47351 – Arga

REC47352 – Segre

REC47353 – Muga

REC47355 – Daro

REC47356 – Rupit

REC47362 – Menor

REC47363 – Congost

REC47411 – Montornes

REC47418 – Estella

REC47423 – Cambrils

REC47428 – Gandia

REC47430 – Bara

REC47434 – Dallias

REC47435 – Bejar

REC47437 – Donana

REC47445 – Tona

REC47447 – Reus

REC47448 – Najera

REC47465 – Grecia

REC47501 – Blanes

REC47701 – Yecla

REC47706 – Xativa

REC47708 – Lorca

REC47720 – Mijas

REC47742 – Sarria

REC47747 – Begur

REC47748 – Anaga

REC47749 – Calpe

REC47803 – Alcina

REC47806 – Arucas

REC47807 – Nijar

REC47808 – Orotava

REC47817 – Olite

REC47841 – Alcudia

REC47843 – Breda

REC47848 – Laredo

REC47854 – Jumila

REC47855 – Torcal

REC47874 – Llivia

REC47921 – Prades

REC47925 – Benidorm

REC47941 – Isabella

REC47942 – Christobal

REC47943 – Costa del Sol

REC47965 – Requena

REC47971 – Trujillo

REC47075 – Parlone

REC47093 – Ponte

While Supplies Last

REC47073 – Tivoli

REC47074 – Monti

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Ultrasol is the highest quality acrylic awning fabric available on the market, today.  Made in Europe by Recasens, a company that has been producing fabrics for over 150 years, with a  commitment to constant innovation and evolution.  It surpasses all worldwide industry standards for quality and durability and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.  

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Longueur du rouleau

66 yd / roll