CNC Cutting Service


Experience precision like never before with our Eastman CNC cutting machine designed for industrial textiles. Benefit from precision for your projects. Improve your efficiency and know-how with the reliability of our Eastman CNC cutting machine.

The conveyor system allows the technician to cut a roll of material continuously with constant speed, control and precision.

Cut rolls up to 120″ wide, with optimized piece placement to reduce material waste for greater economy. The use of interchangeable markers to customize cut-outs and simplify assembly.

Continuous conveyor

Cutting of rolls up to 120 inches wide

Personalized markers with interchangeable pens

Optimized use of materials thanks to strategic placement of pieces.

Choose one of the following variants to realize your project:

Send us the file(s) of the parts you want to cut in one of the following formats, and we’ll cut them for you.

DXF | AAMA | ASTM | DFT | SPF | AI | …

Or contact us with a sketch and the dimensions of the parts you wish to have cut, and we can offer you the service of creating a digital cutting file.