Soltis 92

Soltis 92 is a very unique product among the PVC coated mesh fabrics on the market. It maintains all of the benefits associated with the Soltis fabrics in general, including the dimensional stability and resistance to the elements characteristic of the patented Precontraint manufacturing technology. Where Soltis 92 differs is in the pattern of the openings in the fabric, which is far more random and less uniform. This causes a disruption for the human eye, making it more difficult to see through the fabric and creating a greater level of visual privacy. It is 97% closed and has a up to a 97% shade factor in the darker colors. The color pallet in the Soltis 92 is even more extensive than the Soltis 86, offering vivid color options not found in any other PVC fabric. As with the Soltis 86, the core colors are offered in 267 cm wide, in addition to the standard 177 cm.

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