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Lasalle Canvas

Welcome to Canevas Lasalle, your premier destination for high-quality materials, including acrylic, vinyl and polyester fabrics and hardware for awnings, curtains, marine fabrics, upholstery and more.

Green Eco

Enhance your sun protection with the innovative new “GREEN ECO” fabric, a sustainable, eco-friendly choice that effortlessly combines style and performance while helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

Mesh Fabrics

Experience the ultimate in sun protection with our durable and effective mesh sun protection solutions.

CNC Custom Cutting Service

Experience precision and speed like never before with our CNC cutting services, which guarantee that your projects will be carried out with the utmost precision.

Custom Slitting Service

You choose the dimensions into which we divide the rolls. Anything from 2 to 81 inches is possible.

Custom- Made Nets

Discover the big difference with our precision-crafted custom nets, designed to take your sporting performance to the next level!


Enhance your home décor with our selection of upholstery fabrics, where every stitch and texture tells a unique story of elegance and creativity.

Distributor of industrial textiles for all applications.

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CNC Cutting Machine

Special production

Custom Slitting Service

See our machines in action

Our CNC cutting machine for your precision and quality projects.

Our slitting services for your solon fabrics in specific widths for your projects.

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